Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Year Six Safety Superstars

Year 6 Trip to I.M.P.S

Picture the scene: a dreaded situation at a supermarket. Mrs Green has just collapsed near the trolley rack and nobody knows what to do … except the young Year 6 student from Edna G. Olds Academy! He leaps into action and is using the defibrillator in moments! How did he manage this? He went on an amazing trip with his class to a course called I.M.P.S:
Injury Minimization Program for Schools
On Thursday the 3rd of November,  Class 6 went to the Queen's Medical Centre to learn how to save lives. During the day, we practised how to use the recovery position and C.P.R. which could come in handy at any time. (Who knows when we will need these skills?)
We also got an interesting tour of the hospital; we went into rooms such as the x-ray room, treatment rooms and the room where plaster casts are applied. We really enjoyed the experience and were amazed by how many safety procedures we learnt to take into the real world and hopefully prevent some injuries from happening. If disaster does strike, Class 6 will be ready to save the day!

By Sam C

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