Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Year 5 York Visit

On Tuesday 11th September, Year 5 visited York as part of their topic on the Vikings. The children went to Jorvik Viking Centre where they participated in a range of activities linked to their topic. They were interested to find out about the way Vikings lived, the food they ate and the clothes they wore.

Year 4 Egyptian Day

On Friday 7th September, Year 4 discovered the mysteries of an Ancient Egyptian burial ceremony. We recreated the scenes and aromas of Ancient Egypt, investigated and handled artefacts used in mummification and discovered the clothing and makeup of an Egyptian Princess.

Tudor Topic Launch

On Tuesday 4th, Year 6 enjoyed finding out more about the Tudors during their topic launch day. The day began with the children learning about and playing popular Tudor games such as chess. Later on, the children practised their Tudor dancing in the hall and successfully managed to learn the steps to the pavanne. In the afternoon, the children enjoyed a Tudor banquet while finding out about popular foods and cooking methods during the Tudor period.

Core Behaviours Launch

On Monday 3rd September, the first day back at school, everybody at Edna G. Olds Academy participated in a Core Behaviours Day. Linking to the core behaviours which are being developed in school, the children in each class participated in a variety of activities aimed at improving the skills of resilience, motivation, tolerance and respect. We really enjoyed the activities and we could see which behaviours we had to use to complete each challenge!

Friday, 8 June 2018

Fair Trade Day

On Friday 8th July we took part in a Fair Trade Day. We found out about what is meant by fairly traded products and what this means for the people who produce them. We also looked at the use of plastic packaging for these products and thought about how this could be reduced. During the afternoon, we used fairly traded products to bake cakes and cookies to sell after school at our fair.

Science Launch Day

On Tuesday 5th June, the children participated in a launch day for their new science related topics. Throughout school, the children were engaged in exciting activities designed to foster a spirit of enquiry and discovery within the classrooms. In Year 6, after researching the heart and lungs, the children set about creating giant models of both of these organs. They ensured that they applied their research when making these. Once they have dried out, the children will be painting them in the appropriate colours.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Trees and Plants Workshop - Year One

Year 1 visited Clumber Park as part of a workshop looking at plants and trees. The Learning Rangers took the children around the park where they identified different trees and plants and discussed their four basic parts. The children had a great time exploring in the forest and saw how this was an excellent habitat for many different types of animal. Year 1 are looking forward to the follow up activities back at school.