Friday, 20 October 2017

The Edna LEADer October 2017 edition

Dinosaurs of China Exhibition

Wollaton Hall has been lucky enough to host an exhibition of dinosaur skeletons and fossils which have been loaned to Nottingham from China. The exhibits on show have only been excavated within the last 30 years and show strong evidence for a link between dinosaurs and birds. Since it is such a rare opportunity to see these fossils, all of the children from Edna G. Olds enjoyed a visit to Wollaton Hall to view the exhibition. Year 6 visited on Thursday 19th October and were astounded by the sheer size of some of the dinosaurs. They couldn't believe that one of them nearly reached the roof of Wollaton Hall! The visit also provoked a lot of discussion about the similarities between dinosaurs and birds.

RE Sharing Morning

As part of the RE work undertaken this week, the children across school participated in an RE theme sharing morning. Classes were mixed and the children were able to share their RE learning with their peers from across the school. The children enjoyed finding out about what other classes had been learning about and ended the session with a deeper understanding of religions and religious practices.

Black History Day

On Thursday 19th October, the children at Edna G. Olds Academy participated in a Black History Day. Each class was given a topic to research and the children enjoyed finding out about the different aspects of black history. In Year 6, the children researched what Africa was like prior to colonisation and were interested to find out about the continent's rich political, scientific and literary history. The slave trade, musical influence, politicians, scientists and sportspeople were also researched by children across the school.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Year 6 IMPS visit

On Thursday Year 6 visited the QMC to participate in the IMPS training session. We were given a tour of the children's A&E unit and were taught what to do in an emergency. One of the most useful parts of the day was learning how to perform CPR if somebody is unconscious and has stopped breathing. We were also shown how to use a defibrillator which can be found more and more in the local area. These machines can give people a much greater chance of surviving if somebody stops breathing.
 By Pupil  Voice

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Stratford - upon - Avon

On Friday 29th September, Year 6 visited Stratford-upon-Avon to participate in a Tudor themed day. The children enjoyed a variety of workshops at 'Tudor World' before being given a guided tour of the museum. They thoroughly enjoyed finding about about so many different aspects of life during the Tudor period and also enjoyed sharing their knowledge with the staff! During the afternoon, the children were shown the sights of Stratford by 'William Shakespeare'. They were excited to find out about where he used to live and see the houses his daughters lived in. A particular highlight was hearing the stories he had to tell about Tudor Stratford.

Nottingham Contemporary

Year 6 visited Nottingham Contemporary to view a special community related exhibition. First of all we looked at the photographs of Nottingham past and present and famous people from Nottingham. After that we were given a selection of words and had to find a photo which related to the word we had chosen. We then thought about our own community in Lenton and built a mini version using pictures we had drawn and wooden stands. It was interesting to see how Nottingham has changed over the years and see photographs of so many people from the city. 

Core Behaviours Day

On Monday 4th September, the first day back at school, everybody at Edna G. Olds Academy participated in a Core Behaviours Day. Linking to the core behaviours which are being developed in school, the children in each class participated in a variety of activities aimed at improving the skills of resilience, motivation, tolerance and respect. We really enjoyed the activities and we could see which behaviours we had to use to complete each challenge!

By Laiba