Friday, 13 November 2015

Anti-Bullying Week

From 16th to 20th of November 2015, Pupil Voice Council have organised an anti-bullying week at Edna G. Olds Academy. Throughout the week, each year group will be given the opportunity to discuss and research different types of bullying. The children will then be given the chance to share what they have found with other members of the school. Pupil Voice Council hopes that this will help to make the children more aware of the different forms of bullying and gain an understanding of how to prevent it.  

The topics being covered by each class are:

Year 1- Verbal bullying

Year 2- Verbal bullying

Year 3- Physical bullying

Year 4- Covert or hidden bullying

Year 5- Peer pressure

Year 6- Cyber bullying

Our School Values

As part of our ongoing work on British values, Pupil Voice Council decided that it would be important to generate a set of values specific to Edna G. Olds Academy. After asking for contributions from each class, Pupil Voice Council met and decided upon the six values they thought best represented our school.

 They are:

-          Our learning is important and fun- we develop our resilience by learning from our mistakes

-          We respect everybody regardless of race and religion- we learn from each other

-          We take responsibility for our own learning

-          We ask questions and look to find answers

-          We respect and care for ourselves, our community and environment

-          It is important to share our opinions and work together collaboratively 

Friday, 24 July 2015

The Edna Times

Welcome to the Edna Times blog. Our Pupil Voice Council looks forward to updating you on our work throughout the next academic year. Our Pupil Voice Council is an organisation working within the school to help create a unique and exciting environment.

In the meetings the presidents lead the group to make decisions and share ideas, to help make our school an even greater place to learn. In the meetings the whole group are given a subject to discuss. After discussions, we all decide on an idea that we will then bring into the school community.

We hope everyone at Edna G. Olds Academy has a wonderful summer break.