Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Debate Articles

Before Christmas, member of the Edna LEADer newspaper published two  articles which looked at the debate surrounding Christmas trees. Please find them below:

Great Debate: against Real Christmas Trees

Do you really want a real Christmas tree? If you do then think again! The trees you buy will carry germs and creepy crawlies from wherever it is they came from (and who really knows where these trees are farmed?) You really don’t want to be ill at Christmas. Is that your aim? I know it’s not mine!
Another thing to consider is this: your Christmas tree comes from the outside world. If you chop down a tree, you are stealing oxygen from the people of the world.
Additionally, just think of all the animals that live in the trees. The birds, bugs and beetles will have no home if you chop down their trees. The festive robins that mean so much to you will be freezing in the wild, homeless at Christmas.
Before you buy a tree that has been taken from nature, think about the impact it will have on nature itself.


Great Debate: for Real Christmas Trees

A fake Christmas tree is really out of the Christmas spirit! Think of how much fun it is to have a real Christmas tree to increase the festive cheer for your family! It’s a wonderful thought, isn’t it? However, the quantity of the fake trees is going over the top and is continuing to devour the fame of real trees.
Real trees have the scent of Christmas already infused in them; it’s a smell and a feeling that was made to spread cheer to people. Why end it now? Why can’t we just carry on the joy?
Also, fake trees take a long time to construct and they can’t be recycled. Plastic trees, when you are finished with them, take hundreds of years to rot away in landfill sites.
Bring Christmas into your home. Go for a real tree. It’s worth it, I promise!
By Faye

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