Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Topic Launch Day

On Monday, the children at Edna G. Olds Academy enjoyed a day dedicated to the launch of their new topics. A wide variety of activities took place around school and the children were given the opportunity to follow their own lines of enquiry. In year 6 we went outside to investigate the local area and think about what sort of animals would be suited to live in the habitat around school. Some of us then went onto to design our own animals with adaptations suited for this habitat while others decided to research habitats further and find out about different types. 
In year 5, they looked at how heat affects the state of different materials. The children chose which materials to investigate and enjoyed placing them onto the controlled fire to see what happened!
In year 1, the children enjoyed using their senses to investigate what was hidden inside some mystery boxes. They had to use smell, touch and hearing to try and work out what was hiding inside. 
It was a very enjoyable day and everybody in school is looking forward to finding out more this half term!

By Pupil Voice 

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