Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Great Debate: Do we need an election?

In my opinion, I think that there should not be a general election in six weeks as lots of people who were looking forward to vote will now not be able to as they still won't be old enough. Many people who are 16 would think that they could vote in the next election but as this election comes 2 years early, they will have to wait another 5 years! Plus if the Conservative Party lost, then Theresa May would be out of control and she has only just started as Prime Minister of England.                   
By Zain                       
As you may or may not know, in six weeks there will be another general election, meaning the people of the UK get to vote on who they think should be Prime Minister. Personally I think this is a very good idea because after David Cameron resigned, the public did not have the opportunity to vote for who they thought should be the next Prime Minister, the only people who got to vote at that time were the other MPs from the Conservative Party. Do you really think this is fair?                                          
By Sam C  

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