Thursday 5 March 2020

Waterstone Visit

As part of World Book Day celebrations, each class will visit Waterstones in town where they will participate in a variety of reading related activities. A member of staff will talk to the children about the books they can buy with their free book voucher and give them a summary of the different stories. The children are looking forward to having the opportunity to visit the shop to 'spend' their vouchers and participate in the different activities.

World Book Day 2020

To celebrate World Book Day 2020, Pupil Voice Council planned a special day for children in school. Alongside dressing up as their favourite characters from books, Pupil Voice Council decided that the whole school should come together for a reading session across the school. The children enjoyed sitting and reading their books with their friends across Edna G. Olds Academy.

Science Launch Day

On the first day of this half-term, the children enjoyed a topic launch day related to their new science topics. A variety of exciting, hands-on, activities were planned across school which gave the children an insight into their new topics and inspired lots of questions which they are excited about answering this half-term. In Year 6, as part of the light and electricity topic, the children were set a challenge of creating a periscope to allow them to see over a wall while in Year 5, the children created their own balloon powered rockets. The children thoroughly enjoyed coming up with creative ways to solve this problem and showed true creativity in their solutions!

Enterprise Week

Enterprise Week has commenced! Across school, the children will be spending the next week researching, designing and making products to sell at the Enterprise Fair on Thursday 13th February. Which class will make the most profit?!

Y5 Holocaust visit

On Thursday 13th February, Year 5 visited the National Holocaust Centre as part of their topic on World War II. It was an informative and moving day. The day started with the children watching a recording of a Holocaust survivor telling his story. He had lived in Germany but found safety in Britain through the Kindertransport and unlike many children like him, his parents joined him a few months later. Finding out about the events leading up to the Holocaust was also particularly interesting. The children learnt how anti-Jewish messages were spread through the community and that children suddenly stopped playing with Jewish friends because they were forbidden to. Particularly shocking was the replica of a street after Kristallnacht which was when Jewish shops and businesses were attacked and their windows were smashed. Year 5 enjoyed this trip and left feeling moved by what they had discovered. 

Extended Learning Club presentation to Nottingham High School

We had the privilege of planning and delivering a short presentation to Nottingham High School. We talked about how amazing Edna G. Olds Academy is and gave them an insight into a typical day.
We talked about film week and showed year 4’s film – they loved it!
We look forward to hosting them again next year. 

Year 2 Discovery Day

On 14th January, Year 2 visited Nottingham University to take part in a Discovery Day. They had a tour of the campus and learnt from current students what it’s like to study at university. They discussed subjects they might like to study through further education and even thought about which societies they might like to join. They were also fascinated by the rooms inside the old buildings and used photos of the campus to prompt art work back at school.